Band founded in January 2013 by three musician brothers who realized they had never played together before. Several friends join the formation in the following years.  They begin songwriting, play as Upload-contest finalists in 2013, only months after their foundation, and participate in street music festivals. In 2015 they win Upload as best south-tyrolean band and start working on their first Album: Salvage, which is published September 2016. The band has two faces: it can perform in an acoustic as well as in an electric set, and can cover up to 5 hours of covers and compositions and with any of the two repertoires.

A new bassist in town

È con grandissimo piacere che annunciamo che il talentuosissimo signor Gabriele Munini ha risposto alla ladschiamata e imbraccerà il suo basso per suonare con noi.

We will therefore stop playing concerts for a while, in order to allow the new formation to prepare a kickass repertoire for the future.

Dazu wollen wir auch die Zeit investieren, um unsere Arbeit an der Komposition der Lieder für unsere erste CD weiterzubringen. Also werdet ihr uns einige Monate lang nicht auf einer Konzertbühne sehen, ma con un'eccezione!

Il 14 e il 15 novembre suoneremo qualche canzone in un evento molto speciale, ospiti di una formazione d'eccezione.

Stay tuned!